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PSA Explorer is a unique solution on the market for programming Peugeot and Citroen immobiliser keys without knowledge of car's PIN code. All operations are easy to use and are done via OBD connector.


PIN reading - this function extracts PIN necessary for immobiliser key programming directly from car's BSI module via OBD. No more disassembly works, no more soldering, no need for dealer server! Fast and safe operation, just plug device into OBD and press the button.

Keys programming - when PIN is already known, up to 5 keys/remote controls can be programmed for the car.

User interface in multiple languages.

Automatic updates via Internet.


Supported Peugeot models:

1007 2007+ New!!!


307 2005+




407 2006+


607 2005+

807 2006-2010

Partner/Partner Tepee 2008+

Expert/Expert Tepee 2007+ New!!!

Supported Citroen models:

C2 2007+

C3 II 2005+

C3 Pluriel 2007+

C3 Picasso

DS3 - New!!!

C4 2005+

C4 Picasso

C5 2005+

C6 2006+

C8 2008

Berlingo 2008+

Jumpy 2008+ New!!!

VEI™ Hardware:

32-bit ARM7TDMI-S microprocessor

2x CAN 2.0B / ISO 11898; CAN / ISO 15765-4

4x K-Line ISO 9141

2.0Gb internal flash memory

Flat power range 7.2V…36VDC

USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. compatible

Bluetooth optional

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